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Prophet. Preacher. Speaker. Teacher. Facilitator.

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Shari Eddington is a prophetic voice called to this generation and time whose experience as a pastor, calling as a prophet and education as a counselor allows her to bring a unique combination of information, healing and breakthrough to any engagement that she is apart of. As God’s mouthpiece and operating in the Office of the Prophet, she has become known for her mantle of deliverance, prophetic accuracy and the ability to deliver the Word of God in a fresh, powerful and revelatory way. As a Prophet she is able to break chains, lift burdens, and bind spirits through the power of the Holy Spirit and Intercession. Upon hearing from the voice of the Lord she is able to provide instruction and direction to whoever she is ministering to while also being able to encourage and point them back to Christ.

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Shari Eddington is one of the kindest people that you will meet, but don't allow her humility to fool you because she is a natural powerhouse with over 15 years of experience in ministry. She is a strategic leader & planner that oversees, develops and cultivates gifts. She is a preacher of  God’s word, shaping a church culture that is free from “religiousness”, and casting a clear vision for the church through prophetic insight. She walks in a weighty anointing that has the power to break bondages and turn hearts back to Christ. Prophetess Shari is gifted to deliver messages that help individuals identify bondages and implement skills/ tools that initiate perspective shifts and mental transformation.

Whether you are looking for an powerful and prophetic preacher or speaker for a conference, church service or event or an experienced and impactful facilitator for a ministry leadership or Christian counseling seminars and workshops, Shari Eddington can assist you and brings a unique perspective, a wealth of knowledge and powerful impact to any event setting.


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