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What is the Pretty & Powerful Conference?

Prophetess Shari Eddington, affectionately known as Prophetess Ree, is an emerging voice of prophetic wisdom, revelation and power that is called and anointed for this generation. As a pastor, prophet, counselor and coach she operates in a unique anointing that effortlessly combines healing, deliverance, power and revelation with great balance and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. In 2011, God gave Prophetess Shari Eddington a vision of a what would become a large conference for women and over the past 10 years He has clarified that vision and released more instruction, which resulted in the creation of the Pretty & Powerful Conference.


Though this event is called a conference, it is more than that to Prophetess Shari. This event is a burden place in the heart of Prophetess Shari, by the Father. It is a burden motivated to see women in ministry no longer overlooked, devalued and/or ignored, but for women to receive the investment, empowerment, healing and encouragement that is well deserved, as well as, necessary to operate in their callings in excellence, authority and effectiveness. Ministry isn't about a title or a position, ministry is simply serving and as Believers, we are all called to serve within the Kingdom of God in what every way God has gifted and graced us to. Prophetess Shari's goal for the Pretty & Powerful Conference is to cater to the unique needs of women who actively serve or feel a calling to serve in various capacities of ministry, from intercession, outreach, children's/youth ministry, praise and worship, creative arts, to ministries outside of the church and within the community. This conference is also great for women who are first ladies, ordained ministers, prophets, pastors, evangelists, teachers, elders as well as, those who feel they are called to be ministers or fivefold ministry gifts. To put it plainly, if you are a female follower of Jesus Christ, this conference is for you!!!


The purpose of the Pretty & Powerful Conference is to, not only empower and encourage, but also to provide training and development for women serving in ministry and to expand overtime to include more training for even broader areas of ministry. It's our desire that you leave the conference feeling more empowered, equipped and prepared to walk out your calling than when you first arrived. Above all, the Pretty & Powerful Conference is a safe space for women in ministry to learn, grow, heal, and develop as a sisterhood. It is our prayer that you leave this conference liberated, energized, empowered, and encouraged in a way that birthed faith, boldness, and confidence. 

Conference Line Up

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