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What is the "Igniting The Power" Workshop?


Prophet Shari Eddington, affectionately known as Prophetess Ree, is an emerging voice of prophetic wisdom, revelation and power who is called and anointed for this generation. As a pastor, prophet, counselor and coach she operates in a unique anointing that effortlessly combines healing, deliverance, power and revelation with great balance and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. Shari began her ministry journey with very little help and training, and as a woman who has served in various areas and capacities in ministry for almost 20 years, she understands the unique challenges that women face with building the confidence and competency necessary for effectiveness in their ministerial callings.


Years ago, God began burdening Shari to create a safe space for women in ministry (especially charismatic ministry) to be developed, equipped and supported for their spiritual callings. In her 7 years as a senior pastor and several years as a mentor to senior leaders and their teams, Prophet Shari has helped to develop, grow and equip many women, but as more women have begun approaching her for help and training, she knew it was time to become more intentional about growing Pretty & Powerful and increasing the training opportunities and resources so that she can reach and assist more women. So we are happy to begin with our Igniting The Power Workshop, but just know that much more is on the horizon!

Our October 28th "Igniting The Power" Workshop will focus on the following:

  1. Going Deeper in Your Study Time

  2. Teaching/Sermon Prep

  3. Revelatory Preaching

  4. Building Confidence For Using Your Spiritual Gifts


What’s Included?

  1. Refreshments

  2. Lunch

  3. Workbook

  4. Surprise Gift

  5. Special Raffles for Prizes

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