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~Shari Eddington

It's my purpose to help you walk boldly in yours. My counseling and coaching programs were both developed specifically to help individuals to experience healing and mental transformation so that they are free to walk boldly in purpose.


Whether you are trying to discover your purpose or ready to go to the next level in your calling, counseling or coaching can assist you in achieving your spiritual, personal and professional goals.


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THE VISION OF REAL WHOLENESS IS to assist our clients in initiating and achieving authentic healing and wholeness from past trauma and experiences and to positivity transform their current perspective of themselves, their situation, and capabilities so that quantifiable success in their personal, spiritual, relational, and professional lives can be achieved.

IT IS OUR GOAL that through education, counseling and coaching, our clients will become motivated to take ownership of their emotional, mental, spiritual and soul health, as well as, their purpose, so that they can experience true joy, happiness, job satisfaction and prosperity while continuing to grow, learn and develop into the people that God has destined them to be.


Our founder, Shari Eddington, is a senior pastor and ordained prophet who holds a Master’s degree in Pastoral Counseling from Liberty University with a focus in Addictions and Recovery.  She specializes and is called to helping individuals with painful past and significant trauma(s) to experience life transformation through the exposure of self-sabotage and hidden pain, identification of unhealthy thought patterns and core beliefs, perspective reconstruction, prophetic insight, implementation of the Word of God. 

About Real Wholeness
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Real Wholeness Counseling Testimonial  - Ebon'Nae Piggee
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Pastor Shari’s method in coaching/counseling was both enlightening and majorly effective for me. I was able to confront feelings and perspectives that I never knew existed. She operated in love and compassion and fought for me spiritually!!! Pastor Shari told me at the beginning that we would slowly access walls that I’d built up over the years and she would dismantle them brick by brick until it was dissipated.  Those walls are gone! I had an open heart and a mindset to work hard, and in result, Pastor Ree brought me out of some deeply rooted issues and I’ll never take it for granted!! All I can say is thank you!!!!

Deidra Sandford

My life has truly been blessed by Mrs. Shari Eddington. I desired counseling that had a godly perspective with real world application. I came for counseling because I desired to break the negative cycles of thinking, fear, and also unveil trauma from my past. Mrs. Shari was able to uproot and identify areas in my life that had made a huge impact on my life negatively.  These were areas that were hidden, and unknown to me. I had no idea the severity of the events, the actions of others, had literally stunted my growth and ability to see myself worthy of God’s love and grace. Her ability to listen and provide action plans for healing truly helped me to see wholeness as a “real” and attainable outcome. Her coaching style, being a positive voice, and  her loving nature truly created a safe environment to share. I know the counsel I received from Prophetess Shari Eddington will be felt for not only myself, but legacies to come. I am truly and forever grateful. 

Domeanica Banks

Counseling session with Prophetess Shari, were life changing for me. I knew my year consisted of healing and she gave me the proper tools to do so. She assured me at the beginning that she wasn’t there to do the work for me, but to give me lifelong tools that I am using even now, to be a better whole person. I appreciate the session homework assignments she gave, as it challenged me to be intentional about healing from grief and the past. Counseling sessions helped  me to change my perspective of both grief and pain. I definitely will be recommending her to others who are looking to put in some work to be healed and whole.

Shanaillion Thompson

Thank you. Counseling with you was so refreshing and you truly helped me to see from a different point of view. I was always excited to meet with you. I truly felt like an onion with layers just being pulled off as you walked me through the process. I was so amazed. Truly amazed at what I accomplished with you through God. Some things since childhood that was just hovering. Some traumatic issues that I was truly able to get free from and truly forgive. You're the best

 at what you do. I'm so proud of you in all of your hats. Look out world!

Katrina Lee
Real Wholeness FAQ
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  • What is the difference between counseling and coaching?
    Counseling is focused on looking into the past in order to determine the cause of a current problem or pain point. Counselors help guide, support and create a safe space for individuals to explore their past and painful experiences so that they can better understand how those experiences are impacting their present. Counselors have an ability to help their clients connect the dots of their life in order to make sense of their present. They also help the client to properly process their findings and experiences so that healing and restoration can take place and they can experiences the mental, emotional and spiritual health that they desire. Coaching on the other hand, is more future-focused and goal driven. Coaches work with clients who are mentally, physically and emotinally prepared to receive the guidance and direction necessary to achieve their goals. Coaches help their clients make the changes necessary to experience the outcome that they desire, whether that outcome is professional, emotional, spiritual, financial or even physical.
  • Are you a licensed professional counselor (LPC)?
    While I have a masters degree in Pastoral Counseling with a focus in addiction and recovery from Liberty University, one of the top Christian counseling programs in the country, I chose not to obtain a professional counselor license due to the religious restrictions. As a pastor and prophet I did not want to compromise my calling as a Biblical counselor or restrict the usage of my spiritual gifts during the counseling process due to state ethics restrictions concerning religion. Therefore, I decided to forgo the state regulated route. Nevertheless, I still successfully completed my internship right alongside my fellow LPC classmates at a domestic violence nonprofit where I counseled women fleeing from domestic violence, as well as, conducted group counseling in the organization's emergency shelter. I received high marks from my internship supervisor (who is highly skilled and experienced in various types of counseling, holding two Master's Degrees and a PhD) and was told that I was a natural counselor and exhibited advanced skills that well were beyond the level of my interning LPC peers. Attached you will see a photo of my final review from my internship supervisor.
  • Do you take medical insurance?
    Seeing that I am not a LPC, I do not take medical insurance. I do offer payment plans for those who commit to purchasing 6 or more sessions up front, however, full payment is preferred.
  • Why is there a four session minimum?
    Through our experience with counseling individuals using our S6 Method, we have found that four sessions is the minimum amount of sessions for an individual to experience a breakthrough that can produce a lasting change in at least one area of focus. While one or two sessions may help the client feel better, it doesn't allow for enough time for true transformation. Just as a doctor tells a patient to take a medication or vitamin for at least 2-4 weeks before determining if it is helping them, we desire for our clients to at least commit to having four sessions before determining if the counseling is beneficial for them.
  • What is your counseling and coaching style?
    The Real Wholeness approach to counseling is best described as solution-focused, biblical counseling. You do not have to be a Christian to receive biblical counseling, but please understand that our counseling will be guided by biblical principles. Each counseling session begins and ends with prayer and our founder and counselor, Shari Eddington, is committed to being led by the Holy Spirit as she serves each client through the process of counseling. At Real Wholeness, we feel that in order for one to experience the full benefit of this counseling approach they must be open to growing in their relationship with God and better understanding their identity in Jesus Christ.
  • How do I enroll in your coaching program?
    First you sign up for my free consultation. This will allow us to chat about your goals and to determine if we are a good fit for eachother and whether or not my Mental Shift coaching program is for you. If we determine that it is on the call, all of the information needed for you to sign up will be shared on the call, as well as, sent via email.
  • What if I desire to continue couseling after the sessions that I purchased are complete?
    You can absolutely continue counseling as long as you desire and I am offering counseling services. Once the sessions that you have purchased have concluded you would simply purchase more. Some clients choose to purchase more immediately after their last session so that they don't loose progress, while others may choose to take a few weeks off and then resume counseling. It's all up to you.
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